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YouTube Video Slideshow

I was playing around with the idea of creating video slide shows that could be displayed on our blog, web site and YouTube, but couldn't find the software necessary to work with my desktop computer. After researching the Internet, I discovered that my operating system (Windows 2000 Professional) simply wasn't designed for such things. But ... my laptop, running Windows XP was, and it even came packaged with Windows Movie Maker.

Movie Maker was pretty easy to learn and create these videos. You are able to import pictures, videos and music from your computer, camera or other digital device such as your cellphone. You are even able to save the finished product to a CD or computer or even send it via email or to a portable digital device; the options are many!

I experimented by importing some pictures already on my computer. I also designed a graphic to be displayed on the front and back of my video. Next, it was time to sign up for YouTube, create an account and upload the video. I accomplished these without difficulty and uploaded my first video. I even created another video for people interested in buying our home.

To keep up with any future videos or slide shows I create for YouTube, you can visit RVJunkie on YouTube.