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Coach Batteries

I pulled the coach out from beside the house yesterday to pack some stuff and unpack old clothes for our upcoming full time adventure. Everything went fine until I tried to turn the stereo on and listen to some tunes. The batteries were dead despite having the coach plugged into the house. It was time, after almost 4 years, to replace the four (4) six volt house batteries.

After measuring the beasts and drawing a schematic of the wiring, it was off to the local Walmart store. Sure enough, they didn't have any six volts and neither did the local auto parts store. While inside the parts store however, another customer overheard what I needed and recommended I go to a place called Tidewater Battery. He said "they've got every kind of battery you need."

Tidewater Battery is actually Tidewater Fleet Supply, and it's located in Chesapeake, Virginia. They had the batteries I needed; Exide Golf Cart six volts. The ones I bought were even relatively inexpensive as compared to others I researched ahead of time. Installation was a breeze, and I was back in business listening to my tunes in no time. The only problem encountered was my new back pain due to the weight of those beasts!